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2023 Round up

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

It's been a busy first year for the DMM team and we've been involved in quite a few exciting projects, from filming right across the UK & Ireland, participating in some amazing events hosted by the APA and BBC, through to shooting in Ibiza - it's been actioned packed and an exciting foundation for what we have ahead of us in 2024!

Last year, we had the privilege of being involved in a major film project with Allianz and the International Paralympic Committee to produce a series of training films that would encourage young people with disabilities into sport. It was a great way for us to kick start things at DMM and resulted in us finding so many brilliant people that we could count on to produce work at an extremely high standard (many you'll find listed on our crew page!). The film series has now been viewed over 166 million times and we are delighted to annnounce that it has just been awarded a Bronze Clio - a great way to finish the year!

Collaboration is key:

We've loved working with brands and agencies and understanding how we can help them problem-solve their production issues when it comes to diversity. This year, we committed to working in collaboration with other production companies to assist them in developing more diverse content through a unique working partnership with Diverse Made Media. These relationships will be continuing to develop throughout 2024, which will see us involved in more varied and larger productions spanning TV and Film which we're really looking forward to.

Driving change through innovation:

We have set out to change some of the barriers that exist for people with disabilities in TV and Film by creating a brand new technology called 'Caerus', which will for the first time, enable wheelchair users to participate in camera-operating roles that have been impossible to do in the past and even compete on an even playing field with their Steadicam op counterparts.

Finally, we have been developing some fantastic documentaries that we are hoping to air across network TV in 2024 with some ground breaking stories that we believe will really make a huge impact. Story telling is at our core and we love being able to help bring untold stories to life, particularly those that align with our values.

We are incredibly grateful to those that committed to us this year and a huge thank you to just a handful of some of the great brands, people and organisations we have had the pleasure of working with including BBC, UCL, The APA, HNB Films, The Diversity Standards Collective, Purple Goat, Universal Inclusion, The TV Access Project, Fabian Williams and Sonova AG. You have all played a part in helping us get off the starting line and we look forward to working with you more across 2024.

An image of panelists speaking at an APA event in London

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